Bathroom Cleaner & Deodorisers

Code: A2416 Unit size: 5L (4/Ctn = 4 Units)

Bio Zyme Industrial 5ltr

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Code: A6614 Unit size: 5L (3/Ctn = 3 Units)

Puro Bowl - It 5ltr

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Code: A6612 Unit size: 20L (Each)

Puro Bowl - It 20ltr

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Code: A1002 Unit size: 400g (24/Ctn = 24 Units)

Chemico Cleaning Paste 400gm

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Code: A6632C Unit size: Ctn (9/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Cyclone Toilet Cleaner Fresh Pine 750ml (Ctn) 9

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Code: A6634 Unit size: 5L (2/Ctn = 2 Units)

Cyclone Toilet Cleaner Fresh Pine 5ltr

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Code: A1610 Unit size: 5L (2/Ctn = 2 Units)

CLEARANCE Knockout Disinfectant 5ltr

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Code: A6628 Unit size: 5L (2/Ctn = 2 Units)

Go Getter Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner 5ltr

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Code: A6215 Unit size: 20L (20Ltr)

Biodegradable Washroom & Toilet Cleaner 20Ltr

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Code: A1613 Unit size: 3KG (Each)

Urinal Tablets with Bio-Protect - Blue 3kg

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Code: A6688 Unit size: PKT (75/Packet = 1 Unit)

Portable Toilet Biodegradable Sachets

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Code: A2426 Unit size: 5L (3/ctn = 3 units)

Multizyme Drain Cleaner 5ltr

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