Buckets & Brushware

Code: E0208 Unit size: EACH (Each)

House Broom With Metal Handle

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Code: E0437 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Sweeper Green 80mm Med 0.50 - 260mm 40157-5

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Code: E5536 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Aluminium Handle 25mm x 1.35mtr

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Code: E7206 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Hot Mop - Blue ( Flat Out Kentucky Mop )

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Code: E7514 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Multimop Sponge Mop Head Refill

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Code: H4206 Unit size: EA (Each)

5ltr Pail & Lid

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Code: E1812 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Tube Brush Red Stiff 0.50 - 90mm 57159-3

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Code: E1830 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Tube Brush White 63mm Diameter 47121-1

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In Stock
Code: E3424 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Jonmaster Ultra Mop Frame 40cm

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Code: E3432 Unit size: Pair (Sold Per Pair - 5/Pkt = 5 Pairs)

Replacement Velcro for Jonmaster Mop - 40cm (Pair)

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Code: E5110 Unit size: EACH (Each)

Double Blade Squeegee Replacement 600mm FB15077-1

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