Hand Towels & Tissues

Code: C1207 Unit size: CTN (182/Roll, 6/Ctn = 1 Unit)

CLEARANCE Autosense Classic AS200 White Hand Towel

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Code: C0800 Unit size: CTN (90/Pack, 24/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Kleenex 4440 Airflex Papertowels

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Code: C0900 Unit size: Ctn (120/Pkt, 20/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Compact Towel Economy

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Code: C1032 Unit size: CTN (4000/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Pure Eco Slimline Towel 1ply

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Code: C1041 Unit size: CTN (3200/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Pure Value Slimline Towel 1ply - 20pkt/Ctn

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Code: C1005 Unit size: CTN (2400/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Pure Xcel Compact Towel 1ply

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Code: C1010 Unit size: CTN (120/Pkt, 20/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Kleenex Deluxe Interfold Towels 4456 (30.5cm x 24cm)

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Code: C1020 Unit size: CTN (250/Pkt, 16/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Interfold Towels 01742 Cost Saver

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Code: C1012 Unit size: Ctn (4000/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Interfold Towels ABC White 4000/ctn

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Code: C1014 Unit size: Ctn (250/Pkt, 4000/Ctn = 1 Unit Size; 240 x 220mm)

Economy Interfold Towels 1421- 4000/Ctn (was CLASIHT)

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Code: C1019 Unit size: CTN (4830/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Tork Express 184987 Multifold Hand Towel Slimline H2

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Code: C1021 Unit size: CTN (16Pkts, 1/Ctn = 1 Unit)

Deluxe SD-200 Slim Towel 200 sheets

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