Industrial Vacuums

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Code: M1106 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WV570-2 Wet 15ltr/Dry 23ltr

Code: M1108 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WVD570-2 Twin Motor Wet 15ltr/Dry 23ltr

Code: M1110 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WVD900-2 Twin Motor Wet 30ltr/Dry 40ltr

Code: M1112 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WVD1500-2 Twin Motor Wet 50ltr/Dry 75ltr

Code: M1116 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WVD1802Ph Wet 70ltr (Two Motor) Pump Out

Code: M2008 Unit size: 1 (Each)

NTD-2003-2 80ltr Twin Motor Dry Vacuum

Code: M2010 Unit size: 1 (Each)

ET-3000C Extra Tank 2003 With Lid And Chasis

Code: M2104 Unit size: 1 (Each)

NTT2034 80ltr Triple Motor Dry Vacuum

No Price
Code: M2200 Unit size: 1 (Each)

WVD2002 Wet 70ltr/Dry 95ltr (Two Motor)

Code: M2206 Unit size: 1 (Each)

CTD572 Dry 23ltr/Wet 15ltr/Extraction 10/L0ltr