Code: A4404 Unit size: 2L (6/Ctn = 6 Units)

Optimo Charge Fabric Softener 2ltr

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Code: A4405 Unit size: 4L (3/Ctn = 3 Units)

Optimo Fabric Softener 4ltr

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Code: A4406 Unit size: 5L (2/Ctn = 2 Units)

Optimo/Charge Wash Liquid 5ltr

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Code: A4605 Unit size: 12KG (Each)

Optimo Charge Laundry Powder Box 12kg

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Code: A4603 Unit size: 10KG (Each)

Chemex Laundry Powder 10kg

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Code: A4686 Unit size: 5KG (Each)

Drive 2X Concentrate Top Loader Box 5kg

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Code: A4408 Unit size: 20L (Each)

Clax Hypo Chlorine Bleach 4AL1 20ltr

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Code: A4412 Unit size: 20L (Each)

Clax Alegro 1AL1 20ltr

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Code: A4415 Unit size: 20L (Each)

Clax 100 OB Laundry Booster - 2AL1 20ltr

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Code: A4442 Unit size: 20L (Each)

Clax Diverdet 3TL1 20ltr

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Code: A4690 Unit size: 20KG (Each)

Clax Crystal High Performance Laundry Powder 20kg

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Code: A4462 Unit size: 4KG (3/Ctn = 3 Units)

Clax RevoFlow Pro 3XP1 Laundry Detergent 4kg

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