Foam Force 20ltr - Hi-Strength Foaming Cleaner & Sanitiser

$120.85 (Excl. GST)
FOAM-FORCE is a dual cleaner and chlorine based (hypochlorite) sanitiser. Foam Force is best applied through automatic dilution control or foaming equipment or a centralized foaming operation. FOAM FORCE is a very high strength product for cleaning large areas of plant and equipment quickly such as those typically found in food process plants, particularly the protein type residues of meat and small goods manufacturers. MPI APPROVED C38 Properties Appearance: Clear slightly yellow liquid Fragrance: Chlorine Strength: Potassium Hydroxide 100 - 250 g/l. Sodium Hypochlorite 15% soln 300 ml/l. Specific gravity: 1.22 pH: 12.5 (1% w/v solution) Microcide: 450ppm F.A.C. (@1% soln)

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